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I am Ian M. Fleming, a Central Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney, with over 10 years of experience trying criminal cases.  I have devoted my career to vigorously fighting for my clients to ensure they received the best possible outcome, no matter what trouble they were facing. If you’ve been charged with a gun crime, a drug charge, a domestic violence charge, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or any other felony or misdemeanor offense contact me immediately to protect all your legal rights and defenses in these trying times.

I have tried domestic violence charges of all types and understand there are two sides to every conflict.  With me by your side, I will make sure your voice is heard and advocate to ensure you are treated fairly no matter the situation you are facing. 

I understand the difficulties people face when they have been accused of driving while intoxicated.  Generally called a DUI or OWI, people facing these charges must navigate complications such as license suspensions or drug and alcohol monitoring.  With me by your side, I will advocate to protect your rights while we fight your criminal case.  

Accusations related to possession or dealing of a controlled substance are rarely simple.  I have spent years fighting drug cases of all types.  With me by your side, I will help you explore every possible defense and advocate to ensure you are seen as more than just another addict or drug pusher.   

I have tried cases involving guns, knives, baseball bats and even swords.  Gun violence is a societal problem and prosecutors tend to take a harsh stand on firearms cases.  I understand your rights and will ensure they are protected.   With me by your side, I will advocate to to ensure you are not treated harshly based on other people's irresponsible gun use.  

Whether you are charged with Burglary, Robbery, Murder, Manslaughter, Aggravated Battery, HTV, Escape, Kidnapping, or any other major felony charge, I am the attorney for you.  I have spent the last 7 years defending major felony charges of every variety.  With me by your side, I will help you navigate all the evidence against you, explore every possible defense, and advocate to ensure your rights are protected through every phase of the pending allegations.

Whether you are charged with Possession of Marijuana, underage drinking, Trespass, Simple Battery, Resisting Law Enforcement, or any other misdemeanor offense, I am here for you.  Many attorneys view misdemeanors as petty offenses, but I understand that these charges are neither petty nor insignificant to you.  With me by your side, I will treat your situation with the importance that you expect and deserve.  

If you need help expunging your Indiana Criminal History, I am here to assist you. Call my office today to begin the process.

If Probation or Community Corrections has alleged a violation of post conviction release conditions, contact my office today. 

If you need help with sentence modifications, do not hesitate to call my office today.  


At Fleming Law, you have found an attorney who will make your battle his own and who will strive to understand your goals in fighting your case. I represent you and your needs.  Together, we will face your challenges and do what's right for you. 


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