Violations, Expungements, and Modifications

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Post Conviction Attorney

Probation and Community Corrections Violations

Case managers and Probation Officers have significant discretion to file violations which can result in the loss of your freedom.  Immediate action is necessary to ensure your are not unfairly held in custody facing allegations of violating your conditions of release.  Incarceration can result in the loss of jobs, housing, and much more.  Whether you want to fight the allegations, work out an agreement, or admit with argument as to an appropriate sanction, you need an experienced trial lawyer at your side.


Past criminal conviction can impact jobs, housing, and so much more.  Through expungement you can have these convictions removed from most background checks and finally put your past behind you.  However, many criminal convictions fall under the discretionary expungement category and will require an experienced advocate to ensure these convictions are expunged from your record.  With an experienced trial attorney at your side, I will fight to achieve the results you desire.

Sentence Modifications

Serving a sentence in prison, in work release, on home detention, or on probation can be a long and difficult process.  You will have many hoops to jump through and with a strong advocate, your compliance can be rewarded with early release.  However, navigating the challenges of seeking a sentence modification has many pitfalls which can sabotage your efforts to seek relief.  With an experienced trial attorney at your side, I will navigate those challenges for you and fight to achieve the relief you desire.

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